Mobile Office and Portable Call Center Solutions

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The beauty about our satellite broadband systems are that they can be installed almost anywhere and because of their portability it will enable you to receive high speed broadband in even the remotest of places. In addition to this they are fully VoIP compatible which means you can make and receive telephone calls to / from anywhere in the world. We can supply you with permanent or temporary telephone numbers to act as hot lines or short term points of contact. We can also supply you with the telephone equipment. All you need to do is supply the venue (tent, porta cabin, marquee or building)

Here are just a few examples of its potential use:

Disaster Recovery

Set up your own control room or contact centre. Let your staff have access to a fully functioning VoIP telephone communications system and give them the ability to make calls anywhere in the world and receive calls from a hotline.

Mobile or Portable Office

As long as you have access to electricity, our satellite broadband system can be used to facilitate full office functionality, including the ability to make and receive calls as well as having internet access. Our system can easily run off a small 240v generator, so you can literally be in the middle of a field and have full office functionality.

Fetes and Festivals

If you are struggling to take payment then utilising our satellite broadband system will allow you to connect to the internet and process sales using the likes of paypal instantly.

Portable Social WiFi

If you are holding an event, why not offer your customers and clients free WiFi. Our portable WiFi hotspots can be customised to your needs. Your clients do not need an account as they can log in with their social media credentials and you automatically get Facebook likes and Twitter followers. We can also offer some superb analytical tools so you can target your prosepcts in the future.

Corporate or Commercial Events

Imagine holding an auction in the grounds of a stately home or some other rural or remote location. We can set you up with a bank of telephones all linked to our satellite broadband systems in order to give you a fully functioning telephone system. You can have multiple incoming lines to accept telephone bids plus internet access for online bids.

If you are interested in hiring out one of our systems please contact us for more information and we can discuss your requirements.